Day: ?

Topic: Religion

My views on religion may be a little weird but ill explain why. Growing up in a Presbyterian church isn’t easy. Do not get me wrong I look back very fondly on those memories but I felt forced into those views. I do not like being forced into anything, I have made my own choices even since I was very young. So when I turned 18 and could decide what religious views I wanted, I left and never really came back to church. That does NOT mean I lost my relationship with God. I still pray, I still enjoy my time in gods light but I choose not to go to church. Now onto my point of this post. I do not believe that religion should stop you from being anything but nice to anyone. A lot of Christian’s ( not all but some) are against gay marriage. See, you shouldn’t care if people are black, white, purple, teal, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, lesbian, a lawyer, large, small, short, tall, up, down, sideways, it doesn’t matter because go made them the way they are for a reason and maybe god has put them in your life to try to teach you more tolerance to his other creations. He created us all, he wanted us all to get along and love one another. Not hate and discriminate against each other. So no matter what color, size, sexual orientation, profession, lifestyle, whatever everyone is equal in god’s eyes.

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Best websites for Brides to Be


Here is my top 5 favorite websites for Brides to help with wedding planning:

1. Pinterest

This has to be my favorite website for brides to be. Many brides before us have given a lot of really great advice here. Decorations, invitations, and much much more. I have a whole board for just the wedding stuff I like. And one great thing about it is most sites where your ordering invitations r save the dates have a pin it button so you can keep all your favorite items in one place. Its really nice!

2. The Knot

This site is WONDERFUL! It helps you track your budget, plan for guests, make a free website for your out of area guests and find vendors in your area. It also is FREE!

3. David’s Bridal

This is an amazing site. After you create an account you can add your bridesmaids and send them a link to the color or dresses you like. Also you can create a list of all the wedding dresses you like to have on file when you go in for an appointment.

4. MerryMarry

This is actually a phone app but its so awesome I had to add it in here. It allows you to send save the dates to your Facebook friends. Me and Kenny have a lo of friends who move around a lot and we Don’t have their addresses. So this app is going to come in really handy. you still get to create a cool save the date but its digital instead of paper. Download here.

5. Martha Stewart Weddings

This is Martha Stewart’s wedding site. She has great ideas, wonderful planning tools, and an elegance that cannot be denied.

My new phone addiction…Zookeeper!


WARNING: This game is really freaking addictive.If you have a life and want to keep it be aware!

So there actually two apps I wanted to write about today but they are the same game kind of so it counts.

The first one is Zookeeper DX by Kiteretsu Inc. Now I got this app as Amazon app store’s free app of the day like a week ago, but you can also get it at the Google play store for .99 cents. For this game you play against the Zoo Keeper trying to match up the animals faces three in a row as much as possible before time runs out. 2012-12-05_09-51-45

Now Zookeeper battle just came out for the android market in November so it’s a fairly newer game where you get to battle people all over the world. And its FREE!

My Invitation Code: 70DjPfQB

Where to Buy:

Amazon App Store

Itunes App store

Google play App Store

part of me wish’s the world would end this month

I am a scientist. I have to have empirical proof of things before I can believe there true (except in the religion department, that’s a whole other post by itself). But i have been hearing for years about the world ending in 2012. I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about how people are taking advantage of people who believe in this hoax. So I just keep telling people who ask me what evidence I have found in my personal research on this topic. NASA has been getting these questions for so long they had to create a frequently asked question page which you can find here. No polar switching, no meteors, no abnormal solar flares, etc. Mayans had many calendars and there language is extremely difficult to translate to English so who knows. Good excuse to get shit faced thou lol.


Day: I dont remember…

Topic: Something in Your routine that you enjoy.

My routine is mostly taking care of the puppies, school work and making sure my dad doesn’t kill himself on accident. Something that I enjoy in my routine would have to be just spending the day with my family. helping my dad move things, cooking him dinner, him cooking me dinner, my mom getting us to do things for her, my dogs chewing, up anything, falling asleep right in the middle of the hallway at night and me tripping over them. These things may sound annoying to others, and on some level they are for about a second, cause then I remember that i would rather have the dog lay in the middle of a dark hallway and make me fall and bust my forehead open then to not have her there at all. I would much rather have my mom ask me to move the same piece of furniture ten times, then to not have her there. This is the way I have always thought about my family. Now as I am getting older the tables are turning and I am taking care of them a lot more then they take care of me. Which is weird for everyone involved.

Worst 5 months ever

Today my grandfather died. two weeks ago my parents dog who I spent weeks raising while my parents were at work died. two weeks before that my cat and best friend of 12 years died. and in augest my ex boyfriend that i lived with for a year died three months after I left with the dogs we got together because of his heart condition. I am a little numb today. I feel like people will keep dieing. I just can’t believe this is happening.